About Tanya


"Sleep shouldn't be a luxury but it should certainly be luxurious."

Tanya has worked with women in the area of holistic health and wellness for over 25 years and has a passion for helping her clients live holistically well.  Deep, restful sleep is the foundation of wellness, impacting everything from mood, clarity, and memory to blood pressure and metabolic health.  Tanya's expertise working with clients in the areas of stress & anxiety management and sleep enhancement have positioned her to help you develop healthy habits during the day that will allow you to experience all four stages of sleep for optimal brain/body wellbeing.

When people hear the word "rest" they usually think of sleep, but rest is a state of mind, a way of functioning.  Its from a place of wellbeing.  Rest always precedes the ability to sleep.  If your mind is not at rest no amount of aromatherapy, exercise or hot baths will make you have deep, peaceful, restorative sleep, which is vitally necessary for a healthy mind and body.  Many things can impact a woman's ability to get good sleep: being a new mom; internalized stress; anxiety; worry; the unhealthy habit of overeating in the evening; being menopausal (including pre and post); depression; sleep apnea and the list goes on. 

Tanya's personal testimony of overcoming debilitating anxiety and panic and her sharing the strategies she used to walk in mental and emotional wholeness are the foundation of Ryyst.  Utilizing the science of neuroplasticity, meditation, focusing on a brain based wellness diet, creating new healthy thought patterns and her Christian faith to serve as her foundation Tanya has created Ryyst, a Sleep Wellness Program to help her clients create a lifestyle and habits that cultivate their wellbeing.

Tanya is a Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner; Christian Meditation Facilitator; Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Anxiety Life Coach; Certified EFT Practitioner, Brain Health Coach; Certified Aromatherapist with over 25 years of experience in essential oil science and usage specializing in Nootropics and Aromachology; BrainTap Practitioner, Member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian Mentor. 

Using her customized Ryyst approach, Tanya works with women through her virtual platform to help them not only determine what is needed to get optimal sleep and awaken refreshed but to develop practices that become habit for lifestyle change that helps her client live a more healthy, peaceful and vibrant life!

If you're ready to:

Get to the root cause of your lack of sleep and dig up the root once and for all for a better nights sleep;


Make changes to your daytime routine so your feel more restful in your mind during the day and get better sleep outcomes at night; 

Develop a habit based bedtime routine backed by science that allows you to get the ideal amount of sleep your body needs;

Have a comfortable sleep environment designed specifically for you;

Learn how to quiet your mind and body at bedtime leading to deeper, more restful and restorative sleep;

Wake up refreshed without the "groggy, hangover" feeling you'd get with many sleep supplements and medications;

Feel better overall and have better health outcomes including lower blood pressure, better gut health, less anxiety, more focus and clarity and better performance; and most importantly; 

If you're willing to do the required work in the program that will guide you and provide you with the tools you need to reach your sleep goals.

Then you're ready to work with Tanya!


Tanya is a brain based wellness expert that focuses on behavior modification through neuroplasticity.  She's designed her program to genuinely help you change your habits over a 90 day period..  It takes 66 days or more to not only change a habit but to reestablish a new habit that becomes automatic.  To solidify a behavior we work with our clients 90 days.

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